Scope Online Accounting system

A comprehensive business management system It is a multi-language (Arabic & English) application that includes Accounting, Financial, Inventory, Sales, Purchasing, Fixed Assets, and Management tools. It enables complete and efficient control of all your business processes and operations and significantly improves overall performance.

Comprehensive Accounts Management

This is the most popularly used feature in Scope system since the inception of the product. Powerful accounting capabilities in Scope includes simple bookkeeping, accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank reconciliation, purchase order & invoices, cheques & invoice printing, profit & loss account, balance sheet, ratio analysis etc.


Will adapt to your business without changing the way you conduct business. Powerful technology used to build the product ensures your usage experience is simple. Scope is easy to learn, configure and use.

Highly Secured System

Scope is a highly secured system. The access rights of each and every user are clearly defined in terms of the functions and procedures he/she can execute. In addition, sensitive records can be assigned to certain users or user groups to reduce unauthorized access risk. Scope also enables management to issue audit trails that will include records of each users’ activities in the system.

Extremely Flexible Chart of Accounts

The chart of accounts can branch hierarchically up to levels. Scope does not impose any rigid rules on accounts’ coding system. Implementers and users can choose accounts codes in any way they like. Opening foreign currency accounts is also very easy to do.


A company can have any number of financial periods by mentioning the financial year beginning at the time of creating a company in Scope. Transaction can be moved between multiple financial periods by selecting a period as per the business requirement.

Multi-cost centers
Allocate funds to different cost centers, compare one cost center with another, extract management reports regarding performing and non performing cost/profit centers.

Sales & Accounts Receivables
Scope contains a powerful module for Sales and Accounts Receivables, management that provides all the procedures and tasks required to track sales transactions and control sales prices, terms, and other necessary tasks.

Purchases & Accounts Payables Scope Purchasing & Accounts Payable module contains all the necessary data covering the whole purchasing cycle including Purchase Quotation, Purchase Order or Purchase Delivery, Purchase Invoice, and Purchase Returns vouchers.

Easy Inventory Management
Item wise inventory management, stock groups, multiple units of measure, stock aging report and analysis, multiple pricelist with date and expiration management, daily stock status and reports etc. are some of very powerful inventory features in Scope.

A True Multi-Warehouse System
Scope Inventory module can handle infinite number of warehouses while various items can be allowed to move in and out of warehouses. In addition, it offers instant access to individual and aggregate quantities per warehouse and allows users to define minimum and maximum levels of stock per warehouse.

Asset Management
Scope Asset Management includes an integrated module for fixed Assets management that allows users to accurately manage and track the company’s fixed assets and significantly reduces time and effort needed to prepare depreciation statements and reports. It provides decision makers with countless reports that contain a wealth of financial information related to fixed assets investment and life cycle.

Accurate Financial Statements
Scope Inventory module seamlessly handles inventory related General Ledger reflections. With every inventory entry that takes place, Scope will carry out the proper General Ledger effect on inventory and cost of sales accounts.

Automatic Stock Taking
Scope Inventory module can automatically take stocks and automatically adjust changes in book and physical values once actual quantities are fed in.

Treasury (cash, banks and checks)
Scope Treasury (cash, banks and checks) provides a flexible and powerful system for managing inbound and outbound checks and bills of exchange. In addition, Scope contains a superior module for bank reconciliation that simulates manual procedures while requiring only a fraction of the effort and time needed to reconcile statements manually.